Tuan can refer to:

  • Tuan Do, the founder of technology blog, TechWalls
  • Brush-tailed Phascogale, an Australian marsupial animal
  • Zaiyi, Prince Duan (or Prince Tuan), a Qing Dynasty prince and statesman
  • Duan Qirui (段祺瑞) (Wade-Giles Tuan Ch'i-jui), a powerful Chinese warlord in the early 20th century
  • Tuan mac Cairill, a figure in Irish mythology
  • an Irish music band formed by Brendan McFarlane
  • Mr./sir/lord in Malay or Indonesian language

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SMK Seri Perak - Principals
... Foong See Toon January 1965—October 1972 Tuan Haji Zainal Adnan Bin Yang Yahya October 1972—March 1974 Mr ... Rozali Bin Nordin April 1977—October 1978 Tuan Haji Moh Arif Bin Osman October 1978—December 1979 Mr ... Abidin Bin Haji Abdullah January 1992—October 1997 Tuan Haji Abdullah Bin Othman October 1997—June 1999 Encik Saharuddin Bin Atan July 1999—September 2007 Puan Hajah Nor ...
Alice Tuan - Plays
... Tuan has had over a dozen works produced, including Last of the Suns, Ajax (por nobody), Coastline, The Roaring Girle, and BATCH, one-act plays Some Asians and Manilova, 9 short ... Jenkins notes ‘Tuan’s Ajax is less a direct adaptation of a Greek tragedy than an exploration of what “tragedy” means in the context of American theatre, and ... Tuan’s clever use of classical allusions and stage techniques, however, roots the play in the most ancient of performance traditions even as it pushes the boundaries of contemporary ...
Sabah Science Secondary School - List of Principals
... From Until Principal Name 1987 ... Tuan Haji Radzwan Yusof 1994 ... Dato' Haji Adnan bin Haji Ibrahim 1996 ... Tuan Haji Abbas Haji Awang 2005 ... Tuan ...
Yi-Fu Tuan
... Yi-Fu Tuan (Traditional Chinese 段義孚, born 5 December 1930) is a Chinese-U.S ... Tuan was born in 1930 in Tientsin, China ... Tuan attended University College, London, but graduated from the University of Oxford with a B.A ...
Tuan Tuan And Yuan Yuan - Birth
... Tuan Tuan was born to Hua Mei on September 1, 2004, and was assigned as no ... Their names, "Tuan Tuan" and "Yuan Yuan", were chosen in an unofficial public poll in mainland China the results of which were revealed live on national television during the 2006 CCTV New Year's Gala ... Together, the names produce the Chinese phrase tuan yuan (simplified Chinese 团圆 traditional Chinese 團圓 pinyin tuán yuán), meaning "reunion" ...

Famous quotes containing the word tuan:

    In contrast to the flux and muddle of life, art is clarity and enduring presence. In the stream of life, few things are perceived clearly because few things stay put. Every mood or emotion is mixed or diluted by contrary and extraneous elements. The clarity of art—the precise evocation of mood in the novel, or of summer twilight in a painting—is like waking to a bright landscape after a long fitful slumber, or the fragrance of chicken soup after a week of head cold.
    —Yi-Fu Tuan (b. 1930)