The abbreviation TTI can refer to:

  • Techtronic Industries, an electrical and electronic manufacturer and trader in Hong Kong.
  • Texas A&M Transportation Institute, a component unit of the Texas A&M University System that researches the safety and efficiency of vehicles, roadways, and related transportation issues
  • Texas Tennessee Industries, now Igloo Products Corporation
  • Transmission Time Interval, a parameter related to encapsulation of data from higher layers into frames for transmission
  • Toyota Technological Institute, a university located in Nagoya, Japan
  • Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, a computer science research institute located in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • TTI, Inc., a distributor of electronics components
  • a type of martial arts belt worn with a Dobok
  • TTI Team Telecom International, Ltd., an Operations Support Systems (OSS) vendor
  • Transfusion transmitted infection, a disease that can be spread by blood transfusion.
  • Time Temperature Indicator, a label/device that is shipped with food or pharaceutical products and to indicate exposure to temperature variation.
  • Travel Technology Interactive, a company in the airline industry.
  • Tilted Transverse Isotropy, a type of Transverse isotropy.
  • Turbo Technologies Incorporated, manufacturer of the TurboDuo

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