Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant

The Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant (敦賀発電所, Tsuruga hatsudensho?, Tsuruga NPP) is a nuclear power plant located in the town of Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture. It is operated by the Japan Atomic Power Company. The total site area amounts to 5.12 km2 (1,265 acres) with 4.80 km2, or 94% of it, being green area that the company is working to preserve.

The Tsuruga site is a dual site with the decommissioned prototype Fugen Nuclear Power Plant.

The construction of two new nuclear reactors is currently planned. However, there have been many delays due to the need for seismic upgrades, even before the March, 2011 earthquake. As of September 2012, construction has not begun on the two new plants, although a tunnel has been completed linking the tip of the peninsula with the existing No 1 and No 2 sites.

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