Tropical Storm Linda

The name Linda has been used for five tropical cyclones in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean:

  • 1985's Tropical Storm Linda - crossed into the Central Pacific as a tropical depression.
  • 1991's Hurricane Linda - recurved out to sea.
  • Hurricane Linda (1997) - lowest pressure and highest known winds of a hurricane in the Eastern Pacific basin.
  • 2003's Hurricane Linda - never affected land.
  • 2009's Hurricane Linda - caused no damage or deaths.

In the Southern Hemisphere near Australia:

  • 1976's Tropical Cyclone Linda, made landfall south of Darwin, Australia.
  • 2004's Tropical Cyclone Linda, Indian Ocean.

In the Northwestern Pacific Ocean west of the dateline:

  • Tropical Storm Linda (1997) made landfall in Vietnam and Thailand as a tropical storm.

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1985 Pacific Hurricane Season - Storms - Tropical Storm Linda
... Tropical storm (SSHS) Duration July 29 – August 9 Peak intensity 50 mph (85 km/h), Unknown A tropical wave formed on July 28 over warm water ... Moving west-northwest, the system was declared a tropical depression far from land the next day ... It became Tropical Storm Linda later on July 29 ...

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