Trophic Eggs

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Trophic Egg - Ecology - Evolutionary Theory
... are no concrete explanations for the evolution of trophic eggs ... are now distinct) from functionless by-products of failed reproduction, then trophic eggs should be more easily available and provide more nutrients to the ... This can be seen in mothers making an effort to distribute trophic eggs to their offspring and/or eggs which are specialised for the nutritional needs of the offspring ...
Trophic Egg - Examples
... Trophic egg-laying is found relatively commonly in sub-social insects, one of the most commonly studied being the bug Adomerus triguttulus (Heteroptera Cydnidae) ... Nymphs are provisioned with nettle seeds, and the ratio of trophic eggs to viable ones is higher when seeds are less well-developed or in lower quantities, indicating that they are filling the ... Many ant species produce trophic eggs, although in the case of Pachycondyla apicalis (Formicidae Ponerinae) the trophic eggs are laid by workers and offered to the queen rather than to developing ...
Trophic Egg
... A trophic egg is an egg which is not laid for reproduction but for nutrition, often for feeding the offspring hatched from a viable egg ... Trophic eggs are usually unfertilised ... Trophic eggs are sometimes delivered directly to the offspring by the parents, and sometimes they are simply present in the same area as the offspring having ...

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