Trevor Chappell (radio Presenter)

Trevor Chappell (radio Presenter)

Trevor Chappell (born 7 April) is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation local radio presenter based in Melbourne. He is currently one of the regular presenters of the Overnights program, nationally from 2.00am to 5.30am (or 6.00am in some areas) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. He is joined by a variety of regular guests every night.

Chappell was born and raised in Western Australia where, after completing high school, he moved into working in a range of odd-end jobs - including mines, wheat bins in the far north-west to even working as a builder's labourer.

Once he turned 21, Chappell moved to Victoria where he studied teaching and then moved into youth work. Three years after this, he enrolled in an acting course at the National Theatre in Melbourne.

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