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Zebra Mussel - As An Invasive Species
... waterways, ships and boats, and water treatment and power plants ... Water treatment plants are most impacted because the water intakes bring the microscopic free-swimming larvae directly into the facilities ... Many water companies are reporting having problems with their water treatment plants with the mussels attaching themselves to pipeworks ...
Water Supply And Sanitation In Canada - Link To Water Resources
... This water is then treated in seven plants with a daily capacity of 2,917,000 m³ for 1.8 million residents and industries, businesses and institutions ... collected in sewers and interceptors on its way to the wastewater treatment plant of the Island of Montréal ... however, ecological intervention and modern wastewater treatment reversed the damage and the river is now considered clean, and suitable for swimming ...
Boshundhora - Water Management
... tube wells, while four relatively small surface water treatment plants provide the remaining 18% ... for groundwater through the construction of four large water treatment plants until 2020 at a cost of US$1.8bn (Saidabad Phase II and III, Padma/Pagla and Khilkhet) ... The treatment plants will draw water from more distant and less polluted rivers up to 160 km from the city ...
Sewage Treatment Plants - Process Overview - Secondary Treatment - Soil Bio-technology
... SBT plants exhibit high reductions in COD values and bacterial counts as a result of the very high microbial densities available in the media ... Unlike conventional treatment plants, SBT plants produce insignificant amounts of sludge, precluding the need for sludge disposal areas that are required by other technologies ... In the Indian context, conventional sewage treatment plants fall into systemic disrepair due to 1) high operating costs, 2) equipment corrosion due to methanogenesis and hydrogen sulphide, 3) non-reusability ...
Water Supply And Sanitation In France - Infrastructure
... In 2008 there were 15,250 water treatment plants and 17,300 wastewater treatment plants in France ... The wastewater treatment plants produced about one million tons of sludge, half of which is being used in agriculture ...

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    We have been God-like in our planned breeding of our domesticated plants and animals, but we have been rabbit-like in our unplanned breeding of ourselves.
    —A.J. (Arnold Joseph)

    A regular council was held with the Indians, who had come in on their ponies, and speeches were made on both sides through an interpreter, quite in the described mode,—the Indians, as usual, having the advantage in point of truth and earnestness, and therefore of eloquence. The most prominent chief was named Little Crow. They were quite dissatisfied with the white man’s treatment of them, and probably have reason to be so.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)