Treason - Related Offences

Related Offences

There are a number of other crimes against the state short of treason:

  • Apostasy in Islam is considered treason in Islamic belief.
  • Compounding treason is dropping a prosecution for treason in exchange for money or money's worth.
  • Defection, or leaving the country, is regarded in some communist countries (especially during the Cold War) as disloyal to the state.
  • Espionage or spying.
  • Lèse majesté is insulting a head of state and is a crime in some countries.
  • Misprision of treason is a crime consisting of the concealment of treason.
  • Sedition is inciting civil unrest or insurrection, or undermining the government.
  • Treachery, the name of a number of derivative offences.
  • Treason felony, a British offence tantamount to treason.

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