Transcendental Logic

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T. K. Seung - Seung’s Interpretation of Kant’s Philosophy (1969–2007)
... In Kant’s Transcendental Logic (1969), he examines Kant’s claim that transcendental logic can generate a priori synthetic propositions ... He views Kant’s transcendental logic as an extension of formal logic ... This extension was made by joining formal logic to the pure intuitions of space and time and the pure concepts of understanding ...
Critique Of Pure Reason - I. Transcendental Doctrine of Elements - Transcendental Logic - Second Division: Transcendental Dialectic - The Soul Is Separated From The Experienced World
1) If that whose existence can be inferred only as a cause of given perceptions has only a doubtful existence. 2) And the existence of outer appearances cannot be immediately perceived but can be inferred only as the cause of given perceptions. ...

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