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Crown (dentistry) - Other Reasons To Restore With A Crown - Endodontically Treated Teeth
... Although there may very well be enough tooth structure remaining after root canal therapy is provided for a particular tooth to restore the tooth with an intracoronal restoration, this is not suggested in ... The vitality of a tooth is remarkable in its ability to provide the tooth with the strength and durability it needs to function in mastication ... The living tooth structure is surprisingly resilient and can sustain considerable abuse without fracturing ...
Root Canal - Tooth Structure
... At the center of all teeth is a hollow area that houses soft tissues, such as the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue ... This hollow area contains a relatively wide space in the coronal portion of the tooth called the pulp chamber ...
Endodontic Therapy - Root Canal Treatment
... In the situation that a tooth is considered so threatened (because of decay, cracking, etc.) that future infection is considered likely or inevitable, a pulpectomy ... and/or infection is already present within or below the tooth ... To cure the infection and save the tooth, the dentist drills into the pulp chamber and removes the infected pulp and then drills the nerve out of the ...
Post And Core - Post Design
... the appropriate diameter post ensures that as much natural tooth structure as possible is left to support the post and absorb the transmitted forces ... of the post within the canal, and is perhaps utilized with only the slightest loss of tooth structure to the internal wall of the canal ... serrated or threaded post surfaces, transmits the least amount of force to the root structure ...
Crown Lengthening - Biomechanical Considerations - Ferrule Effect
... In addition to crown lengthening to establish a proper biologic width, a 2 mm height of tooth structure should be available to allow for a ferrule effect ... band that encircles the external dimension of residual tooth structure, not unlike the metal bands that exist around a barrel ... Sufficient vertical height of tooth structure that will be grasped by the future crown is necessary to allow for a ferrule effect of the future prosthetic crown it has ...

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