Token Ring

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Media Access Unit
... Access Unit, MSAU) is a device to attach multiple network stations in a star topology in a token ring network, internally wired to connect the stations into a logical ring ... Multiple MAUs can be connected into a larger ring through their Ring In/Ring Out connectors ... MAU's are also called the "Ring in a Box" ...
Apollo/Domain - Hardware
... the only option was the 12 Mbit/s Apollo Token Ring (ATR) ... It has been stated that the IBM Token Ring was an option - this was never available ... Apollo Token Ring networks used 75 ohm RG-6U coaxial cabling ...
IBM Personal System/2 - Technology - Models
... bit Desktop with integrated Monochrome display Single disk drive, token-ring network adapter 1988 8525-L04 Model 25 8MHz Intel 8086 ISA 8 bit Desktop with integrated Color display Single disk drive ...
Cisco 2500 Series - Models Available
... Configuration Routers Model Ethernet AUI Token Ring Serial (Sync) ISDN BRI Serial (Async) Hub Notes 1. 10Mbit/s - 2 - - - Multiprotocol Router 2502 - 1 2 ...
MAC Address - Bit-reversed Notation
... However, since IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) and IEEE 802.4 (Token Bus) send the bytes (octets) over the wire, left-to-right, with least significant bit in each byte first, while IEEE 802.5 (Token Ring ... But for Token Ring networks, it would be transmitted as bits 10111100 ... in most-significant-bit first order ... This is referred to as bit-reversed order, non-canonical form, MSB format, IBM format, or Token Ring format, as explained in RFC 2469 ...

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