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Leon Lazarus - Biography - Early Life and Career
... With the help of friend Bob Landers, an inker for Timely Comics, Lazarus was hired as a staff letterer there by Gary Keller, head of Timely's ... early career included writing romance comics for Timely/Atlas ... Lazarus was let go from Timely, along with virtually all the staff save for editor-in-chief Stan Lee and secretary Murdock, on a Friday in January 1950 ...
1947 In Comics - Events and Publications - October
... America Comics (1941 series) #64 - Timely Comics Human Torch (1940 series) #28 - Timely Comics Marvel Mystery Comics (1939 series) #84 - Timely Comics ...
1947 In Comics - Events and Publications - July
... Captain America Comics (1941 series) #63 - Timely Comics Human Torch (1940 series) #27 - Timely Comics Marvel Mystery Comics (1939 series) #83 - Timely Comics Sub-Mariner ...
Timely Writer - Racing Career
... Timely Writer began his stakes career as a claimer at Monmouth Park, winning by eight lengths and tying a track record set in 1943 ... Timely Writer's racing career was marked by several disappointments ... Key wins in the 1982 Flamingo Stakes and Florida Derby made Timely Writer a favorite for a Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing in 1982, until a severe case of ...
Timely Comics
... Timely Comics, an imprint of Timely Publications, was the earliest comic book arm of American publisher Martin Goodman, and the entity that would evolve by the 1960s to become Marvel Comics ... During this era, called the Golden Age of comic books, "Timely" was the umbrella name for the comics division of pulp magazine publisher Goodman, whose business ... The company was founded in 1939 as Timely Publications, based at his existing company, Red Circle, in the McGraw-Hill Building at 330 West 42nd Street in New York City ...

More definitions of "timely":

  • (adj): Before a time limit expires.
    Example: "The timely filing of his income tax return"
  • (adj): Done or happening at the appropriate or proper time.
    Example: "A timely warning"; "with timely treatment the patient has a good chance of recovery"
    Synonyms: seasonable, well-timed, well timed

Famous quotes containing the word timely:

    Let us combine. There are no magics or elves
    Or timely godmothers to guide us. We are lost, must
    Wizard a track through our own screaming weed.
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)

    To me alone there came a thought of grief;
    A timely utterance gave that thought relief,
    And I again am strong:
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

    The reluctant obedience of distant provinces generally costs more than it [the territory] is worth. Empires which branch out widely are often more flourishing for a little timely pruning.
    Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800–1859)