Tie may refer to:

  • Necktie, a long piece of cloth worn around the neck or shoulders
    • Cravat, the forerunner to the modern tie
  • Tie (draw), a finish to a competition with identical results, particularly sports
  • Tie (engineering), a strong component designed to keep two objects closely linked together
  • Tie (information technology), a concept to bind a distributed object to a class
  • Tie (music), a musical notation symbol joining two notes without a break
  • Tie (typography), a punctuation and diacritical sign
  • Railroad tie, a rectangular support for the rail
  • Simpson Tie or Strong-Tie, a connector used in building
  • Interpersonal ties in sociology and psychology.

TIE may refer to:

  • TIE receptors, specific types of cell surface receptors
  • Tensilica Instruction Extension, a verilog like language that is used to describe the instruction extensions to the Xtensa processor core
  • Telx Internet Exchange
  • Times Interest Earned, a financial ratio
  • Transport Initiatives Edinburgh Ltd., an Edinburgh based public transport company
  • Titanium Metals Corporation, based on its stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange
  • TIE fighter, a fictional spacecraft in the Star Wars universe

TiE may refer to

  • TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs)

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Famous quotes containing the word ties:

    ... it is nearly impossible to understand those who are beyond our sight, who are not explained to us by ties of birth or the contact of the flesh.
    Rebecca West (1892–1983)

    The ties between gentle folk are as pure as water; the links between scoundrels are as thick as honey.
    Chinese proverb.

    One theme links together these new proposals for family policy—the idea that the family is exceedingly durable. Changes in structure and function and individual roles are not to be confused with the collapse of the family. Families remain more important in the lives of children than other institutions. Family ties are stronger and more vital than many of us imagine in the perennial atmosphere of crisis surrounding the subject.
    Joseph Featherstone (20th century)