Throat Microphone

A throat microphone, also laryngophone, is a type of contact microphone that absorbs vibrations directly from the wearer's throat by way of single or dual sensors, often called "transducer," worn against the neck. The throat microphone's design has several advantages. The transducer can pick up speech even in extremely noisy or windy environments, such as on a motorcycle or in a night club, whereas other types of microphones do not function well under those conditions because of high levels of background noise. More advanced throat microphones are also able to pick up whispers, and therefore performs well in environments where one has to keep quiet while communicating with others at a distance, such as during covert military operations. Throat microphones are also very useful when helmets or respiratory protection is required. Many full-face SCBA, SAR, SABA, PAPR or re-breather masks do not have a provision for a microphone inside the mask. The throat microphone can be used safely as it is positioned outside the mask's face seal and as such does not compromise the respiratory protection provided by the mask nor does it violate mask approvals and certification.

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