Thomas Wayne

Thomas Wayne is a fictional character in the Batman series of comic books. Dr. Thomas Wayne was the father of Bruce Wayne, and husband of Martha Wayne, as well as a gifted surgeon and philanthropist. He was also the inheritor of the Wayne family fortune, which was built through industry and real estate by previous generations.

He is first introduced in Detective Comics #33 (November 1939) in the first exposition of Batman's origin story. In the story, he and his wife are murdered by a mugger as young Bruce looks on helplessly. This trauma influences Bruce to become Batman when he grows up. Decades after he was murdered, the character of Thomas Wayne would play a major role in Geoff Johns' Flashpoint crossover series.

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... the one responsible for hiring Joe Chill to shoot Thomas Wayne ... leaving Bruce an orphan as the hit was only to be for Thomas Wayne and not his wife ... he encounters his parents at masquerade ball, he and Thomas Wayne fended off robbers led by Lew Moxon who crashed the masquerade ball ...
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... Thomas Wayne (July 22, 1940, Batesville, Mississippi - August 15, 1971, Memphis, Tennessee) was an American singer ... Wayne, who was born Thomas Wayne Perkins, was the brother of Johnny Cash's guitarist, Luther Perkins ... hit with the song "Tragedy" (credited to Thomas Wayne with the DeLons), which peaked at #20 on the Black Singles chart and #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1959 ...
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... In Batman The Ultimate Evil, Martha's past is explored she fought crime in her own way as a social worker trying to protect sexually abused children ... The novel suggests this was the motive for the murder of the Wayne couple ...

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