The Last Sontaran

The Last Sontaran is the first story of Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures and is a continuation of events from Doctor Who two-part story "The Sontaran Strategem" and "The Poison Sky". The two-part story, The Last Sontaran, was broadcast on 29 September 2008; "Part One" as part of the CBBC slot on BBC One at 4.35 p.m.; "Part Two" on the CBBC Channel at 5.15 p.m.. This serial marks the departure of Maria Jackson.

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The Last Sontaran - Novelisation
... The Last Sontaran Author(s) Phil Ford Series The Sarah Jane Adventures Publisher Penguin Books Publication date 6 November 2008 Pages 128 ISBN 1405905093 Preceded by The Lost Boy Followed by The Day of ...
The Last Sontaran - Production - Writing
... Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, writer Phil Ford claims "we haven't seen a Sontaran like this before" and states the character "was just fantastic ... Ford thinks Kaagh is "the best Sontaran that we've ever seen in the Doctor Who world" and describes Anthony O'Donnell's performance as "fantastic.. ... an amazing Sontaran" ...
Sontaran - Appearances - Comic Books
... The Sontarans have also appeared several times in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, both as adversaries of the Doctor and in strips not involving the Doctor ... In The Outsider (DWM #25-26), by Steve Moore and David Lloyd, a Sontaran named Skrant invaded the world of Brahtilis with the unwitting help of Demimon, a local astrologer ... The Fourth Doctor faced the Sontarans in Dragon's Claw (DWM #39-#45), by Steve Moore and Dave Gibbons, where a crew of Sontarans menaced China in 1522 AD ...
Rutan (Doctor Who)
... They have been at war with the Sontaran Empire for more than 50,000 years, and this war dominates both cultures to the exclusion of all else ... they are mentioned in some serials featuring Sontarans (The Time Warrior, The Sontaran Experiment, The Two Doctors, The Poison Sky and The Last Sontaran and Enemy of the Bane episodes of Doctor ...

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