The Last Judgment (Michelangelo)

The Last Judgment (Michelangelo)

Coordinates: 41°54′10″N 12°27′15″E / 41.90278°N 12.45417°E / 41.90278; 12.45417

The Last Judgment
Italian: Il Giudizio Universale
Artist Michelangelo
Year 1537-1541
Type Fresco
Dimensions 1370 cm × 1200 cm (539.3 in × 472.4 in)
Location Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The Last Judgment is a canonical fresco by the Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo executed on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. The work took four years to complete and was done between 1536 and 1541 (preparation of the altar wall began in 1535.) Michelangelo began working on it some twenty years after having finished the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

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