The John Baker Tapes – Volume One: BBC Radiophonics - Track Listing

Track Listing

  1. "Newstime BBC 1+2"
  2. "Tros Y Gareg (Main Theme)"
  3. "Tros Y Gareg (Idents)"
  4. "20th Century Focus"
  5. "Vendetta: The Ice Cream Man"
  6. "Woman's Hour (reading your letters)"
  7. "Many a Slip"
  8. "Look and Read"
  9. "Building The Bomb"
  10. "Au Printemps"
  11. "Big Ben News Theme"
  12. "Codename"
  13. "Decimal Currency"
  14. "Barnacle Bill"
  15. "Dial M For Murder"
  16. "Farm Management"
  17. "Radio Sheffield (News Idents)"
  18. "French Science And Technology"
  19. "Good Morning Wales"
  20. "Heavy Plant Crossing"
  21. "COI Technology Pavilion"
  22. "John Baker Interview (Radio Nottingham)"
  23. "Radio Nottingham Idents"
  24. "Look North: Newstime"
  25. "Man Alive: UFO"
  26. "PM - Computers In Business"
  27. "Submarines"
  28. "Oranges and Lemons (Radio London)"
  29. "Orbit"
  30. "Places For People"
  31. "Sling Your Hook"
  32. "Suivez La Piste"
  33. "Scene (Never Never)"
  34. "Diary Of A Madman"
  35. "The Two O'Clock Spot"
  36. "Radio London: News Idents"
  37. "The Caves of Steel"
  38. "The Locusts"
  39. "Square Two"
  40. "The Tape Recorder"
  41. "Tom Tom (Theme)"
  42. "Tom Tom (Idents)"
  43. "Trial (Opening Theme)"
  44. "Trial (Closing Theme)"
  45. "Vendetta: The Sugar Man"
  46. "Spin Off"
  47. "Radiophonic FX C"
  48. "Radiophonic FX A"
  49. "Radiophonic FX B"

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