The Fat Slags

The Fat Slags is a comic strip appearing in the "alternative" British comic Viz. The characters made their debut in 1989. The eponymous slags are Sandra Burke and Tracey Tunstall, known to other characters as San and Tray. They are depicted as overweight, eating large amounts of food, mainly chips, while also having a lot of casual sex. As with other Viz strips, the strip's authors use a brash writing style. "Slag" is a British English word for "slut", or loose woman.

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The Fat Slags - Fat Slags: The Film
... It was reported that the strip's artist, Graham Dury was so demoralised by the treatment of his creations that he announced that he was dropping them from the comic altogether ... This was actually a misquote by an over-enthusiastic press officer and there was no intention of dropping the characters ...

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