Terrorist Attack

  • (noun): A surprise attack involving the deliberate use of violence against civilians in the hope of attaining political or religious aims.

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Port Security in The United States - Vulnerabilities
... of the container shipping industry is equally matched by its vulnerabilities to terrorist attack ... and the world creates a desirable target for terrorist attack ... An attack on any aspect of the maritime system, mainly major ports, can severely hamper trade and potentially affect the global economy by billions ...
List Of War Crimes - Israeli–Palestinian Conflict Early 20th Century-present
... Various Associated and Palestinian groups Refers to a series of attacks by Palestinians and suicide bombers on civilians in downtown Jerusalem, Israel in starting 1948 ... The attacks were carried out on Ben Yehuda Street, a major thoroughfare, later a pedestrian mall, named for the founder of modern Hebrew, Eliezer Ben Yehuda. 9 children)) Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command This was a terrorist attack on an Israeli school bus on May 22, 1970 in ...
September 11 Attacks Advance-knowledge Conspiracy Theories - Possible Warnings Given To Individuals
... received warnings in advance of the attacks ... received a derogatory English electronic instant message, on the day of the attack, non-specifically threatening them that a terrorist attack would happen ... They did not mention this to their employer until after they heard reports of a terrorist attack in America on the news, after which they informed the company's management, who traced ...
Mercaz Ha Rav Massacre - Reaction - International
... described the incident as "an unacceptable terrorist attack." United States President George W ... Bush condemned the attack, and expressed his solidarity with the families of the victims and the people of Israel ... Condoleezza Rice expressed her condolences on the attack ...
List Of Terrorist Incidents, 1985
... February 28 IRA mortar attack kills nine police officers in Newry ... injured, Turkish Freedom Movement March 12 Three Armenian gunmen attack the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, killing the guard ... June 14 TWA Flight 847 hijacking, Hezbollah, see FBI Most Wanted Terrorists ...

Famous quotes containing the words attack and/or terrorist:

    Lesbian existence comprises both the breaking of a taboo and the rejection of a compulsory way of life. It is also a direct or indirect attack on the male right of access to women.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    The terrorist and the policeman both come from the same basket. Revolution, legality—counter-moves in the same game; forms of idleness at bottom identical.
    Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)