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Forest Of Birse - History
... All of the new landowners (and their tenants) were also granted the common right to use the Forest for timber, peat and grazing ... best part of the common grazing, brought in tenant farmers and built a castle ... and in 1640 the other landowners in Birse burnt down Birse castle and drove the tenant farmers out of the Forest in order to re-establish their common rights there ...
James Daly (Irish Land League) - The April 20, 1879 Irishtown Meeting
... At 11 o'clock a monster contingent of tenant-farmers on horseback drew up in front of Hughes's hotel, showing discipline and order that a cavalry regiment might feel proud of ... O'Sullivan, teacher at a Catholic College and early tenant right activist from Galway, is said to have drawn the greatest audience response - ... in sheep has crept in to accumulate the distresses of the farmer ...
Land War - Irish Land Act 1870
... and Ownership of Land in Ireland", formally titled as the Landlord Tenant (Ireland) Act 1870 ... Gladstone found that Irish and English tenant farmers had different rights, and the aim was to equalize them ... in the 1850s and 1860s, leading Irish tenant farmers to agree to pay higher rents ...

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    To the cry of ‘follow Mormons and prairie dogs and find good land,’ Civil War veterans flocked into Nebraska, joining a vast stampede of unemployed workers, tenant farmers, and European immigrants.
    —For the State of Nebraska, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)