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Television Screen Magazine, also known as TV Screen Magazine, is a NBC Television Network series which debuted 17 November 1946, airing Sundays at 8:30pm ET, and ran from 1946 to 1949. Hosts and panelists included Bob Haymes, John McCaffery, Millicent Fenwick, Ray Forrest, Alan Scott, and George F. Putnam. The series later moved to Saturdays at 8:30pm ET.

The program featured a magazine-type format with various subjects and guests. According to some sources, as the series aired during the early days of live television, very few famous people agreed to appear on the series.

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    The television screen, so unlike the movie screen, sharply reduced human beings, revealed them as small, trivial, flat, in two banal dimensions, drained of color. Wasn’t there something reassuring about it!—that human beings were in fact merely images of a kind registered in one another’s eyes and brains, phenomena composed of microscopic flickering dots like atoms. They were atoms—nothing more. A quick switch of the dial and they disappeared and who could lament the loss?
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)

    Do not be discouraged, if in a thousand instances you find your kindness rejected and wronged, your good evil-spoken of, and the hand you extend for the relief of others, cast insultingly away; the benevolence which cannot outlive these trials of its purity and strength, is not like the self-sacrifice of him, who went about doing good.
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