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Morrow (surname) - People With The Surname "Morrow"
1989), US entertainer Anna Karen Morrow (1914-2009), US female model and actor Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001), female aviator, author, born Anne Spencer Morrow Anthony Morrow (b. 1935), US athlete in track Brad Morrow (1942-1997), US child actor Bradford Morrow (b. 1919), US musician Byron Morrow (1911-2006), US television and film actor Carla Morrow (b ...
List Of Oklahoma City Area Citizens - People By Field - Entertainers - Actors
... Brad Pitt, film actor Lon Chaney, Jr ... film actor Megan Mullally, theatre and television actress Kay Francis, film actress James Garner, film television actor James Marsden, film actor Ryan Merriman, film television actor Stacey (Loach) Logan ... Tisha Campbell Martin, television actress Olivia Munn, model television personality Mark Holton, film actor Suzy Amis, film actress Rex Linn, television actor ...
John Tams - Television Actor
... In 1996, Tams and Muldowney released the best-selling album Over the Hills Far Away The Music of Sharpe to accompany the series ... This album has sold over 120,000 copies ...
List Of People From Hampton Roads - Norfolk
1963) – actor Samuel Face (1923–2001) – inventor William Fuller (b. 1954) – television actor Henry Howell (1920–97) – Independent Lieutenant Governor of Virginia General Norman Johnson (b. 1944) – television actor, director, and film executive Jodi Rell (b ...

Famous quotes containing the words actor and/or television:

    Mr. [John] Barrymore’s smile was the smile of an actor who hates actors, and who knows that he is going to kill two or three before the play is over. I am not an actor-killer, but I like my Hamlets to dislike actors, if you know what I mean, and I think you don’t.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    Television is an excellent system when one has nothing to lose, as is the case with a nomadic and rootless country like the United States, but in Europe the affect of television is that of a bulldozer which reduces culture to the lowest possible denominator.
    Marc Fumaroli (b. 1932)