Telephone Numbers in Romania

Telephone Numbers In Romania

As of 2002 the area codes are county codes. They are formed by 1 for Bucharest and Ilfov County, and two digits (30-69) for the rest of the country (one area code per county). Depending on the company that operates the ground line, before the county code another digit is used (2 for Romtelecom, 3 for most of the other landline telephony providers: Astral Telecom, RCS&RDS, etc.).

Mobile phone numbers have a two digit code, regardless of the geographical area in which the user resides. The first digit of the code is a seven, and the second one gives the network:72 and 73 for Vodafone; 74 and 75 for Orange; 76 for Cosmote; 77 for RDS DIGI.mobil;78 for Zapp Mobile.

The dialling plan for mobile networks (numbers starting with 07) and new landline operators (numbers starting with 03) is closed; all subscriber numbers must be dialled in full. For landline numbers starting with 02, the dialling plan used to be open; the trunk code and area code could be omitted if the caller was in the same area code as the callee. However, starting May 3, 2008, all landline numbers must be dialled in full.

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Telephone Numbers In Romania - Present Day Telephone Codes
... Mobile phone companies were running out of numbers, as both the main mobile companies claimed million after million of subscribers ... the leading national access code 0 (which is dropped when calling from outside Romania and replaced with +40) the landline Romtelecom numbers gained a 2 in front of the area code (a Bucharest number ... an Astral Telecom landline number will be 03pp-xxx-xxx, with the same 2-digit county code as Romtelecom (or the same 1 for Bucharest) the mobile companies got an extra digit in the ...

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