TCO can mean:

  • Top Coder Open
  • Total cost of ownership — a method of cost analysis
  • Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation) — a Swedish confederation of trade unions
  • TCO Certification, a certification for computer displays and other office equipment.
  • Tail-call optimization, a computer programming concept
  • Transparent conducting oxide, a type of transparent conducting film in electronics.
  • Thermal cutoff, a type of electronic protection component
  • The Cinematic Orchestra, a British-based jazz and electronic music outfit
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
  • Native Community Lands (Tierras Comunitarias de Origen), Bolivian collectively indigenous territories
  • Temporarily-captured orbiter, an object that makes at least one revolution around the Earth in a co-rotating coordinate system.
  • Transnational Criminal Organizations

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TCO99 - TCO'03
... FileTCO03 logo.png TCO'03 only regulates Cathode Ray Displays (CRT) and Flat Panel Displays (FPD) ...
Tri-Cities Opera Company - Costume and Set Productions
... TCO has production sets and costumes for many of the most commonly performed operas ... TCO rents these items to numerous other opera companies for their productions ... TCO has facility space to produce, store and maintain these items ...
... TCO Certification is a series of product certifications for office equipment (most notably monitors) ... It is set by TCO Development, owned by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, TCO (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation) ... Although commonly associated with computer monitors, later TCO revision also defines standards for computers, keyboards, printers, mobile phones and office furniture ...
Tri-Cities Opera Company - Resident Artist Training Program
... Since inception, TCO has had a focus on training young opera singers and has created a Resident Artist program, training young opera singers from around the world ... Artists who have studied and performed at TCO include the tenor Placido Domingo during the 1965-1966 seasons, and many other well-known opera performers ... Resident artists receive instruction at TCO's facilities, main performance space at the Broome County Forum theater and private studios of staff ...