Talysh may refer to:

  • Talysh people
  • Talysh language
  • Talysh Khanate
  • Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic - a self-declared autonomy, which existed briefly in the south of Azerbaijan in 1993
  • Talysh Mountains
  • Talış, Agsu, Azerbaijan
  • Talış, Hajigabul, Azerbaijan
  • Talış, Ismailli, Azerbaijan
  • Talış, Quba, Azerbaijan
  • Talış, Shamkir, Azerbaijan
  • Talış, Tartar, Azerbaijan

Other articles related to "talysh":

Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic
... The Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic (Azerbaijani Talış-Muğan Muxtar Respublikası, Talysh Toлъш-Mоғонә Mоxтaрә Рeспубликә) was a short-lived ...
Talış, Hajigabul
... Talış (also, Beyuk-Talysh, Bol’shoy Talysh, and Talysh) is a village and municipality in the Hajigabul Rayon of Azerbaijan ...
Malyy Talysh
... Malyy Talysh (also, Kichik-Talysh) is a village in the Sabirabad Rayon of Azerbaijan. ...
Talysh Language - Dialects
... Speakers of Northern Talysh are found almost exclusively in the Republic of Azerbaijan but can also be found in the neighboring regions of Iran, in the Province of Gilan ... The varieties of Talysh spoken in the Republic of Azerbaijan are best described as speech varieties rather than dialects ... These are labeled according to the four major political districts in the Talysh region Astara, Lankaran, Lerik and Masally ...