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Major Bases And Units Of Tactical Air Command
1992 Altus AFB, Oklahoma (11 June 1952 – 21 June 1954) 63d Troop Carrier Group/Wing Bergstrom AFB, Texas (22 March 1946 – 1 December 1948, 1 July 1957 – 1 October 1958, 1 July 1966 – 1 June 1992) 27th ... Howard AFB Canal Zone/Panama (24th Composite Wing) was assigned to TAC 1 January 1976 – 31 December 1999 ... Tactical Air Command (TAC) Air Forces First Ninth Twelfth Eighteenth Nineteenth Air Divisions 20th (ADTAC) 21st (ADTAC) 23d (ADTAC) 24th (ADTAC) 25th (ADTAC) 26th (AD ...
List Of Military Units Of Clark Air Base - Major Units Assigned - Cold War (1950–1991)
6200th Air Base Wing*, 1 December 1950 – 1 February 1953 Redesignated 6200th Air Base Group, 1 February 1953 – 10 April 1959 581st Air Resupply and ...
List Of MAJCOM Wings Of The United States Air Force - List of MAJCOM Wings
... Wing Location MAJCOM Organized Discontinued /Moved Remarks Ref 1001st Air Base Wing 1001st Composite Wing Andrews AFB, MD HQC 1 October 1 ... July 1968 1 July 1 ... July 1969 Was 1401st ABW ... Replaced by 1st Composite Wing ... Medical Services Wing, Provisional, 1010th Andrews AFB, MD HQC 15 October 1962 Unknown 1020th USAF Special Activities Wing Bolling AFB, DC Fort Myer, VA HQC 26 May 30 ... July 30 ... July 1949 ca ...
List Of C-130 Hercules Crashes - USA Operators Crashes By Decade - 1980s
... March 14, 1980 C-130H 74-2064, c/n 4659, of the 463d Tactical Airlift Wing, explosion on board, inbound to Incirlik, Turkey, crashed 15 kilometers ... As the helicopter took off it flew into the wing root of the EC-130 and crashed, killing five USAF aircrew in the C-130 and three USMC aircrew in the RH-53 All of the RH-53Ds had to be ... October 2, 1980 C-130A 56-0504, c/n 3112, of the 105th Tactical Airlift Squadron, lost part of port wing leading edge, crashed near McMinnville, Tennessee ...
List Of Inactive AFCON Wings Of The United States Air Force
... This is a list of inactive Wings in the United States Air Force, focusing on AFCON (HQ Air Force-controlled) wings ... Wing Shield Location MAJCOM Date Inactivated Replaced By 1st Air Base Wing Andrews AFB, Maryland Headquarters Command 30 Sep 1977 76th Air Base Group 1st Space Wing Peterson AFB ... SAC Inactivated 1965 390th Strategic Missile Wing Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona SAC Inactivated 1984 392d Strategic Missile Wing 397th Bombardment Wing 407th Strategic ...

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