Symmetry Operations

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List Of Character Tables For Chemically Important 3D Point Groups - Notation
... to the point group, followed by the order of the group (number of invariant symmetry operations) ... cyclic group of order n, Dn dihedral group isomorphic to the symmetry group of an n–sided regular polygon, Sn symmetric group on n letters, and An alternating group on n letters ... g and u subscripts denote symmetry and antisymmetry, respectively, with respect to a center of inversion ...
Molecular Symmetry - Binary Operations - Point Group
... It can be easily seen that the successive application (composition) of one or more symmetry operations of a molecule / crystal make the effect ... More over the set of all symmetry operations together with this compsition operation obeys all the properties of a group, given above ... So (S,*) is a group where S is the set of all symmetry operations of some molecule / crystal and * denotes the composition (repeated application) of symmetry operations ...
Molecular Symmetry - Character Tables
... a character table summarizes information on its symmetry operations and on its irreducible representations ... a particular irreducible representation transforms when a particular symmetry operation is applied ... Any symmetry operation in a molecule's point group acting on the molecule itself will leave it unchanged ...

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