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Pyrotechnic Display History

The original Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks display (NYE1996) was designed by Syd Howard Fireworks. The first show, the 9 PM Family Fireworks, was originally the main show and went for about twenty minutes. It used the pylons, arch and catwalk of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, city buildings and one barge located in front of the Opera House. The second show, the Midnight Fireworks, lasted about three minutes and only featured Sydney Tower, turning into a 'Olympic Torch' for the countdown to the 2000 Olympics.

For NYE1997, the Midnight Fireworks included the Star City Casino. Also, from NYE1997, the Midnight Fireworks were extended to include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the 9 PM Family Fireworks were extended to included two barges (one on each side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge) and the displays were co-designed by Foti International Fireworks and Syd Howard Fireworks. From NYE 1998, the Midnight Fireworks were extended to a length of ten minutes and the inclusion of one barge and the 9 PM Family Fireworks included a row of pontoons in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the first time. The pylons were not used again until NYE2002 and NYE2006.

For NYE 1999, the tradition began of having the main show at Midnight. The 9 PM Family Fireworks was shortened to a length of twelve minutes and to two barges and the city buildings. The Midnight Fireworks lengthened to 25 minutes and now included more city buildings and the row of pontoons as well as four barges (two on either side of the bridge). The Sydney Opera House also featured in a one-off display.

Since NYE2000, the displays has been fully designed and created by "Foti International Fireworks". and the Midnight Fireworks were shorten to twenty minutes. They were again shortened for NYE2001 to fifteen minutes. The city buildings were removed from the fireworks displays from NYE2002. NYE2003 Midnight Fireworks saw fireworks exploding off the vertical hangers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a one-off display. From NYE2004, the roadways of the bridge have been used for the Midnight fireworks causing the closure of the Bradfield Highway at Midnight. From NYE2005, the Midnight Fireworks were shortened to twelve minutes and the 9 PM Family Fireworks to eight minutes. NYE2006 saw the six barges feature with the city buildings return in the Midnight Fireworks. The pontoons in front of the Sydney harbour Bridge and all six barges were used in a one-off special 9 PM Family Fireworks display for NYE2006. NYE2007 saw the introduction of the Harbour Bridge as a seventh barge being used, almost the entirety throughout the whole show. From NYE2008, the existing format for the 9 PM Family and Midnight Fireworks commenced.

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