Superparamagnetic Beads

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Immunoprecipitation - Technological Advances - Superparamagnetic Beads
... of immunoprecipitations are performed with agarose beads, the use of superparamagnetic beads for immunoprecipitation is a much newer approach that is only recently ... Unlike agarose, magnetic beads are solid and can be spherical, depending on the type of bead, and antibody binding is limited to the surface of each bead ... While these beads do not have the advantage of a porous center to increase the binding capacity, magnetic beads are significantly smaller than agarose beads (1 to 4μm), and the greater number of ...
Construction Principle and Physics of Magnetic Tweezers - Magnetic Particles
... Superparamagnetic beads Superparamagnetic beads are commercially available with a number of different characteristics ... that the number of magnetic nanoparticles scales with the size of the bead ... Theoretically it would be possible to calculate the force on the beads with these formulae however the results are not very reliable due to uncertainties of the involved ...

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