Super Mario World (TV Series)

Super Mario World (TV Series)

Super Mario World is an American animated television series loosely based on the Super NES video game of the same name. It is the third and last Saturday morning cartoon based on the Super Mario Bros. NES and Super NES series of video games. The show only aired thirteen episodes due to Captain N: The Game Master's cancellation on NBC. Just like The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, the series is produced by DIC Entertainment and Reteitalia S.P.A in association with Nintendo, who provided the characters from the game.

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Super Mario World (TV Series) - Broadcast Stations - International Broadcast
... Canada YTV UK The Children'sChannel 30 November 1992 6 July 1996)Channel 4 1993â“1995)POP!(2004,2005â“2010)ITV1 2005)KidsCo 2011â“present)Australia Nine Network 1992)Network Ten 19 ...

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