Stylidium Sect. Alsinoida

Stylidium Sect. Alsinoida

Stylidium alsinoides
Stylidium cordifolium
Stylidium fluminense
Stylidium javanicum
Stylidium tenerrimum

Stylidium section Alsinoida is a taxonomic rank under Stylidium subgenus Andersonia. In his 1908 monograph on the family Stylidiaceae, Johannes Mildbraed had established the subgenus Alsinoides for species related to S. alsinoides, which were morphologically similar to species of subgenus Andersonia. In 2000, A.R. Bean published a taxonomic revision of subgenus Andersonia and reduced subgenus Alsinoides to sectional rank, renamed Alsinoida.

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