Student Scout and Guide Organisation

The Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) exists to support Scouts, Guides, and people who have never been members of a Scout or Guide Association, who are students at Colleges and Universities in the United Kingdom and are interested in the aims, objectives, and methods of The Scout Association and Girlguiding UK. Many universities have a Scout and Guide Club affiliated to the University Student Union, although it is not necessary for a club to be union affiliated to be part of SSAGO. Where a University or College has no club, students can join SSAGO as Individual or "Indie" members.

Most clubs run a number of weekend and evening events during term and longer events during vacations. Each term one club organises a weekend open to all Club and Indie members of SSAGO called a Rally.

The oldest example of a Scout and Guide Club in the United Kingdom is the Oxford University Scout and Guide Group.

After leaving University many members of SSAGO choose to join the Scout and Guide Graduate Association (SAGGA).

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