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Points of Interest

Point Coordinates
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Framilode Junction with River Severn 51°47′33″N 2°21′42″W / 51.7925°N 2.3616°W / 51.7925; -2.3616 (Framilode Junction with River Severn) SO751104
Jn with Gloucester and Sharpness Canal 51°46′56″N 2°21′16″W / 51.7821°N 2.3545°W / 51.7821; -2.3545 (Jn with Gloucester and Sharpness Canal) SO756093
A38 obstruction 51°45′55″N 2°19′52″W / 51.7652°N 2.3310°W / 51.7652; -2.3310 (A38 obstruction) SO772074
M5 obstruction 51°45′31″N 2°19′29″W / 51.7586°N 2.3246°W / 51.7586; -2.3246 (M5 obstruction) SO776067
Ocean railway culvert 51°44′39″N 2°17′43″W / 51.7441°N 2.2954°W / 51.7441; -2.2954 (Ocean railway culvert) SO797050
A419 bridge, Dudbridge 51°44′32″N 2°14′22″W / 51.7421°N 2.2394°W / 51.7421; -2.2394 (A419 bridge, Dudbridge) SO835048
Jn with Thames and Severn Canal 51°44′38″N 2°13′38″W / 51.7440°N 2.2273°W / 51.7440; -2.2273 (Jn with Thames and Severn Canal) SO844050

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