Strike Group Eleven

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Carrier Strike Group Eleven - Operational History - 2013 Deployment
... They will operate with the Fifth Fleet as a surface action group until the Nimitz, Carrier Air Wing Eleven, and the guided-missile cruiser Princeton deploy ... On 19 April 2012, the Nimitz and Carrier Air Wing Eleven departed Naval Air Station North Island, California, to join the cruiser Princeton to begin the 2013 deployment of Carrier Strike ... Lawrence entered the Persian Gulf for operations with Carrier Strike Group Three ...
Carrier Strike Group Eleven
... Carrier Strike Group Eleven, abbreviated CSG-11 or CARSTRKGRU 11, is one of five U.S ... Navy carrier strike groups currently assigned to the U.S ... Navy carrier strike groups are employed in a variety of roles, all of which involve gaining and maintaining sea control as well as projecting naval airpower ashore ...
... Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards, and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), and Larry Mullen, Jr ... Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have maintained a sound built on melodic instrumentals, highlighted by The Edge's timbrally varied guitar sounds and Bono's expressive vocals ... criticism of their earnest image and musical direction, the group reinvented themselves with their 1991 hit album Achtung Baby and the accompanying Zoo TV Tour ...
Group Homomorphism
... In mathematics, given two groups (G, *) and (H, ·), a group homomorphism from (G, *) to (H, ·) is a function h G → H such that for all u and v ... sense that Hence one can say that h "is compatible with the group structure" ... A more recent trend is to write group homomorphisms on the right of their arguments, omitting brackets, so that h(x) becomes simply x h ...
8 Ball Bunny - Censorship
... American natives is edited to remove the part where one of the natives runs to warn the group of "bwana" Humphrey Bogart coming and the group scattering ... with a frozen shot of Bogart's feet while the sound of the group muttering and fleeing was heard ...

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