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Senegambian Stone Circles
... The Senegambian stone circles lie in Gambia north of Janjanbureh and in central Senegal ... They are sometimes divided into the Wassu (Gambian) and Sine-Saloum (Senegalese) circles, but this is purely a national division ... The stones were erected around the eighth century on top of earlier graves ...
Castlerigg Stone Circle - Recent Research
... Much of our knowledge and understanding of Castlerigg stone circle has been passed down to us by the work of 18th century antiquarians and 19th century amateurs ... Considering that the stone circles of Cumbria in general are of such antiquity, being the earliest stone circles in the whole of Europe, it is surprising that so little work has been carried out here ... the names Aubrey Burl and Alexander Thom have become synonymous with stone circles and both men have contributed significantly to the literature on this subject ...
Poland In Antiquity - Germanic Cultures and Tribes in Roman Times - Wielbark Culture and Its Burials
... In the case of kurgans the grave was covered with stones, which were surrounded by a circle made of larger stones ... to cover all that, with a solitary stone, or stela often put on top ... On some burial grounds large stone circles are found ...
Dates and Archaeology of European Megalithic Stone Circles
... All experts agree that stone circles are of pre-Christian date, but beyond that stone circles have proven difficult to date accurately ... radiocarbon evidence may also suggest that stone circles were constructed over a very long period, or were sometimes reconstructed at later dates ... generally no other archaeological artifacts associated with the stone circles ...
List Of Prehistoric Structures In Great Britain - Structures and Sites - Henges
... Avebury, Neolithic henge and stone circles ... henge with a small burial cairn as well as standing stones and stone circles ... Mayburgh Henge, Neolithic henge with standing stones ...

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