Stolen Concept

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Self-refuting Idea - Variations - Indirectly Self-denying Statements or "fallacy of The Stolen Concept"
... Objectivists define the fallacy of the stolen concept the act of using a concept while ignoring, contradicting or denying the validity of the concepts on which it logically and genetically depends ... An example of the stolen concept fallacy is anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's statement, "All property is theft" ... the hierarchical nature of knowledge, Nathaniel Branden states, "Theft" is a concept that logically and genetically depends on the antecedent concept of "rightfully ...

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    I think that Richard Nixon will go down in history as a true folk hero, who struck a vital blow to the whole diseased concept of the revered image and gave the American virtue of irreverence and skepticism back to the people.
    William Burroughs (b. 1914)

    O shining Popocatapetl, It was thy magic hour:

    The houses, people, traffic seemed
    Thin fading dreams by day;
    Chimborazo, Cotopaxi
    They had stolen my soul away!
    Walter James Turner (1889–1946)