Stephens is a surname. It is a patronymic and is recorded in England from 1086.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Stephens (1812–1883), Vice President of the Confederate States of America
  • Alison Stephens (1970–2010), British mandolinist
  • Ann S. Stephens (1813–1886), U.S. dime novelist
  • Arran Stephens, Canadian author & organic food advocate
  • Clara Stephens (1870-1907) U.S. stage actress (granddaughter of Ann S. Stephens)
  • Frederic George Stephens (1828–1907), British art critic and member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
  • Florence Stephens (1881-1979), landholder and the main figure of the Huseby court case.
  • George Stephens (disambiguation), several people
  • Helen Stephens (1918–1994), U.S. athlete
  • Henry Stephens (disambiguation), several people
  • H. F. Stephens (1868–1931), British civil engineer in railroads
  • Hubert D. Stephens (1875–1946), U.S. politician
  • James Stephens (disambiguation), several people
  • James Francis Stephens (1792–1852), English zoologist
  • John Lloyd Stephens (1805–1852), U.S. explorer and diplomat
  • Kenny Stephens (born 1946), English footballer
  • Nathan Stephens (born 1988), Welsh athlete
  • Philip Stephens (contemporary), an associate editor of the Financial Times
  • Sir Philip Stephens, 1st Baronet (1723–1809), British First Secretary of the Admiralty during the American Revolution
  • Rayner Stephens (1805–1879), Scottish Methodist minister
  • Richard Stephens (born 1947), Canadian figure skater
  • Robert Stephens (1931–1995), British actor
  • Rockwell Stephens (1900–1982), U.S. author and recreational skiing pioneer
  • Rycklon Stephens (born 1978), American professional wrestler better known as Ezekiel Jackson
  • Simon Stephens (born 1971), British playwright
  • Stan Stephens (born 1929), U.S. politician
  • Steve Stephens, U.S. television host and musician
  • Thomas Stephens (historian) (1821–1875), Welsh historian and critic
  • Toby Stephens (born 1969), British actor
  • Uriah Smith Stephens (1821–1882), U.S. labor leader
  • Ursula Stephens (born 1954), Australian Senator
  • Vern Stephens (1920–1968), U.S. baseball player
  • William Stephens (1859–1944), U.S. politician
    • William Stephens (disambiguation), several people
  • Willis Stephens (born 1955), U.S. politician
  • Woody Stephens (1913–1998), U.S. Thoroughbred horse racing trainer

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Famous quotes containing the word stephens:

    I saw God! Do you doubt it?
    Do you dare to doubt it?
    I saw the Almighty Man! His hand
    Was resting on a mountain!
    —James Kenneth Stephens (1882–1950)

    Crouching down where nothing stirs
    In the silence of the furze,
    Crouching down again to brood
    In the sunny solitude.
    —James Kenneth Stephens (1882–1950)

    If I asked her master he’d give me a cask a day;
    But she, with the beer at hand, not a gill would arrange!
    May she marry a ghost and bear him a kitten, and may
    The High King of Glory permit her to get the mange.
    —James Kenneth Stephens (1882–1950)