Steel Guitar

Steel guitar is a type of guitar or the method of playing the instrument. Developed in Hawaii in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a steel guitar is usually positioned horizontally; strings are plucked with one hand, while the other hand changes the pitch of one or more strings with the use of a bar or slide called a steel (generally made of metal, but also of glass or other materials). The term steel guitar is often mistakenly used to describe any metal body resophonic guitar.

Steel guitar can describe:

  • A method of playing slide guitar using a steel. Resonator guitars, including round necked varieties, are particularly suitable for this style, yet are seldom referred to as "steel guitars", but rather referred to generally as a Dobro, acoustic slide guitar, or square neck resonator guitars. Dobro is also a brand name of one of the leading manufacturers of resonator guitars.
  • A specialized instrument built for playing in steel guitar fashion. These are of several types:
    • Lap steel guitar, which may be:
      • Lap slide guitar, with a conventional wooden guitar box.
      • The square-necked variety of resonator guitar.
      • Electric lap steel guitar.
    • Electric console steel guitar.
    • Electric pedal steel guitar.

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