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1880s - Technology
... creating a central power plant equipped with electrical generators ... It began with one direct current generator, and it started generating electricity on September 4, 1882, serving an initial load of 400 lamps at 85 customers ... It used "a caustic soda patent boiler to power a 14-HP Westinghouse steam engine" ...
Supercritical Steam Generator - History of Supercritical Steam Generation
... Contemporary supercritical steam generators are sometimes referred as Benson boilers ... for a boiler designed to convert water into steam at high pressure ... Earlier steam generators were designed for relatively low pressures of up to about 100 bar (10 MPa 1,450 psi), corresponding to the state of the art in ...
International Reactor Innovative And Secure - Reactor Coolant System - Steam Generator
... Water from the secondary (the water that is turned into steam and used in the turbine) enters at the bottom of the steam generators, and goes up through a helical coil to the top ... The steam generators are once through, and the pressure is greater on the secondary side tubes (no boiling takes place in the tubes) ... is allowed to flash at the end of the steam generator tube and go out through the steam pipe ...
Beznau Nuclear Power Plant - Technical Specifications - Safety Measures
... In the 1990s the steam generators and the control technology of the reactor protecting system have been replaced ... for the reactor emergency shutdown and for the feeding of the steam generators, a 50 kV emergency power line, and a diesel generator ... The two steam generators are provided with water by two main feeding pumps ...
... four feet to give greater water capacity for the steam generator for heating passenger trains ... The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway's solution was to replace the steam generators in A-units with a water tank, and so only fitted steam generators in to ... used with FP7 A units, since they, lacking cabs, had more room for water and steam generators ...

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    Clean the spittoons.
    The steam in hotel kitchens,
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