Begun as a series of galactic fantasy novels written by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, the Starshield project was envisioned to spin off a tabletop roleplaying game and an online strategy game. The backstory of Starshield was largely intriguing due to the concept of "quantum weather", which posits that the physical laws of the Starshield universe are not universal, and can change in certain locations and conditions. In the Starshield universe, there exists a multitude of different regions with loosely fixed borders where the physical laws are completely different. In the first Starshield novel, the main character is part of Earth's first extra-solar exploration mission, and discovers the dynamism of the universe when his team crosses a border to find themselves in a region where magic not only exists, but effectively replaces Earth's own physics.

While the Starshield trilogy was meant to set the stage for future Starshield projects, the novels were not meant to live in a vacuum. Unlike other properties where derivative products are not considered official canon, Starshield was meant to strongly integrate the roleplaying game, online game, and novels into a single stream of continuous lore. In this manner, player actions in the online game would affect the state of the universe, and therefore affect future novels and roleplaying game products, while author and developer changes would filter back to the online game.

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... For the Starshield Project, Hickman and Weis produced the Del Rey Books published novels Sentinels (later retitled Mantle of Kendis-Dai) and Nightsword, and Hickman wrote a story for Dragon #250 called "Dedrak’s ... Hickman commented on this setting, "Starshield is a universe where a society of dragons can confront blaster-armed spacemen or wizards wielding magic staves with computer targeting", and said ... profits from online sales of their adventures." According to Hickman, Starshield's ultimate purpose, and his biggest dream, was to finance a permanent colony on Mars ...
Starshield - Mars Project
... While not tied to Starshield's canon, the Mars Project was nonetheless one of Hickman's intents ... In it, Starshield's financial success would help fund the future colonization of Mars ... While noted numerous times by Hickman in online meetings with Starshield participants, little additional information on the Mars Project was ever given ...
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... (co-author Tracy Hickman) Starshield Sentinels (1996) Nightsword (1998). ...