Stampede Wrestling

Stampede Wrestling is a Canadian professional wrestling promotion based in Calgary, Alberta and was for nearly 50 years one of the main promotions in western Canada and the Canadian Prairies. Originally established by Stu Hart in 1948, the promotion competed with other promotions such as NWA All-Star Wrestling and Pacific Northwest Wrestling and regularly ran events in Calgary's Victoria Pavilion, Ogden Auditorium and the Stampede Corral between 1948 and 1984. Bought out by promoter Vince McMahon, the company was briefly run by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) before being sold back to the Hart family the following year. Run by Bruce Hart until January 1990, he and Ross Hart reopened the promotion in 1999 and began running events in the Alberta area.

Along with its wrestling school known as The Dungeon, many of the promotion's former alumni becoming some of the most popular stars in the World Wrestling Federation and other American promotions during the 1980s and 1990s, the promotion produced one of the earliest televised professional wrestling programs (today considered the forerunner of today's WWE) that remained one of Calgary's most popular sports programs eventually airing in over 50 countries worldwide.

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... During his time in Stampede Wrestling, he would gain early success as a singles competitor becoming involved in a high profile feud "Cowboy" Dan Kroffat before teaming ...
Stampede Wrestling International Tag Team Championship
... The Stampede International Tag Team Championship is the main tag-team title in the Canadian professional wrestling promotion Stampede Wrestling ... When promoter Stu Hart resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance in 1984 the title was renamed the Stampede International Tag-Team Championship ... When Stampede wrestling closed down in 1989 the titles were retired, but brought back in 2000 when Stampede Wrestling was restarted by Bruce Hart and Ross Hart and remains active to this day ...
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... Blanchard happened to be a good friend of Roy Heffernan and knew he was working in Stampede Wrestling at the time ... Heffernan debuted as "The Fabulous Kangaroos" on 3 May 1957 for Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling promotion in a match against Maurice LaPointe and Tony Baillargeon ... After working in Stampede for a while, The Fabulous Kangaroos started to travel across the United States, headlining shows wherever they went due to their ability to rile up crowds with their heel (bad guy ...
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... Martel had become an established star in Stampede Wrestling and persuaded Pierre Martin to enter professional wrestling as well ... veterans in Quebec, Martel brought him into Stampede Wrestling during his first year as "Don Gagne" ... the Québécois nationalist movements active in Quebec during that time, and began wrestling in Montreal and the Maritimes for Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling as Michel and Pierre Martel ...
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