St. Peter's

St. Peter's or similar terms may mean:


  • Australia
    • St Peters, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney
    • St Peters, South Australia
  • Canada
    • St. Peter's, Nova Scotia
    • St. Peters Canal, Cape Breton Island
  • St Peter's, Guernsey
  • Malta
    • St. Peters, a hamlet in ┼╗abbar, Malta.
  • Switzerland
    • St. Peter's Island, in Lake Biel
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
    • St. Peters, Missouri, a city
    • Saint Peter's Village, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Religious institutions

  • St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, within Rome, Italy
    • Old St. Peter's Basilica, the building that once stood on the spot where the Basilica of Saint Peter stands today in Rome
  • St. Peter's Abbey (disambiguation), various
  • St. Peter's Cathedral (disambiguation), various
  • St. Peter's Church (disambiguation), various

Educational institutions

  • St Peter's College (disambiguation)
  • St Peter's School (disambiguation)
  • St. Peters Lutheran College, a private high school in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • St Peter's Collegiate Girls' School, a private school in Adelaide, South Australia
  • St Peter's, Sunderland, a university campus in England


  • Crispian St. Peters, British singer, best known for his hit single "The Pied Piper"


  • St. Peter's Brewery, a brewery in Suffolk, England
  • St. Peter's keys, a three-legged Lewis, used to lift large stones
  • St. Peters RFC, rugby union team from the town of Roath, Cardiff, South Wales, UK
  • Saint Peter's University Hospital, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
  • St. Peter's fish, a name given to certain species of tilapia

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