Srizbi Botnet - Incidents - Malicious Spam Tripling Volumes in A Week

Malicious Spam Tripling Volumes in A Week

In the week from 20 June 2008 Srizbi managed to triple the amount of malicious spam sent from an average 3% to 9.9%, largely due to its own effort. This particular spam wave was an aggressive attempt to increase the size of the Srizbi botnet by sending emails to users which warned them that they had been videotaped naked. Sending this message, which is a kind of spam referred to as "Stupid Theme", was an attempt to get people to click the malicious link included in the mail, before realizing that this message was most likely spam. While old, this social engineering technique remains a proven method of infection for spammers.

The size of this operation shows that the power and monetary income from a botnet is closely based upon its spam capacity: more infected computers translate directly into greater revenue for the botnet controller. It also shows the power botnets have to increase their own size, mainly by using a part of their own strength in numbers.

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