Sport Bowling - Original PBA Experience Patterns

Original PBA Experience Patterns

The Chameleon is a 39-foot, strip-style pattern that challenges players to adjust their game and attack from different angles in order to score well.

The Cheetah, at 35 feet, is the shortest of the PBA patterns. Cheetah plays extremely close to the channel and requires a smooth reaction off the break point.

The 41-foot Scorpion, with a larger volume of oil down the lane, tends to play in the track and calls for straight angles with an aggressive ball.

The longest and possibly most difficult pattern is the Shark. At 43 feet, the key to success is slower ball speed, keeping the break point as close to the head pin as possible.

Like its namesake, the 37-foot Viper comes at bowlers quickly from all angles. Bowlers will want to start as far outside as possible and make adjustments to maintain control of the pocket as the pattern breaks down.

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