A spiff or spiv is an immediate bonus for a sale. Typically, "spiffs" are paid, either by a manufacturer or employer, directly to a salesperson for selling a specific product.

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Spiff - Ethical Nature
... The use of the spiff, while widely accepted in some industries, is of questionable ethical nature ... A spiff can sometimes encourage salespeople to push a less satisfactory product upon a customer, or allow manufacturers to circumvent the instructions ... tactics are often transparent, based on the price of the product being pushed by a salesperson, spiff-centric sales tactics are less noticeable, and may be perceived as dishonest salesmanship by consumers ...
Calvin's Alter Egos (Calvin And Hobbes) - Spaceman Spiff - Equipment
... Spiff carries a futuristic sidearm, originally named the Atomic Napalm Neutralizer ... were similar in shape on one occasion Spiff also used a similar one called an Atom Blaster ... yet they prove useless against every enemy Spiff faced ...