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Peak Uranium - Uranium Supply - Secondary Resources - Reprocessing and Recycling
... It is most useful as part of a nuclear fuel cycle utilizing fast-neutron reactors since reprocessed uranium and reactor-grade plutonium both have isotopic compositions not optimal ... Although reprocessing of nuclear fuel is done in a few countries (France, United Kingdom, and Japan) the United States President banned reprocessing in the late 1970s due to the high costs and ... legislators proposed a program to reprocess the spent fuel that has accumulated at power plants ...
George Galatis
... The unsafe procedures meant that spent fuel rod pools at Unit 1 had the potential to boil, possibly releasing radioactive steam throughout the plant ... Millstone 1 nuclear reactor was shut down so the fuel rods that make up its core could be replaced the old rods, radioactive and burning hot, were moved into a 40-feet-deep body of water ... off-loads," moving all the hot fuel into the spent-fuel pool ...
Aftermath: Population Zero - Timeline
... continue to release exhaust fumes into the air until their fuel supplies run out ... Others at high altitudes, with their fuel tanks full and autopilots engaged, continue flying for hours ... Power stations begin to run out of fuel and start to shut down ...
Boiling Water Reactors - Description of Major Components and Systems - Refueling Systems
... The reactor fuel rods are occasionally replaced by removing them from the top of the containment vessel ... For this reason the spent fuel storage pools are above the reactor in typical installations ... incident this became problematic because water was lost from one or more spent fuel pools and the earthquake could have altered the geometry ...
CASTOR (nuclear Waste)
... of storing high-level radioactive waste, such as spent nuclear fuel that has already been cooled in the spent fuel pool for at least one year ... When inside, the fuel rods are surrounded by inert gas ... Ideally, the steel cylinder provides leak-tight containment of the spent fuel ...

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    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

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