Specific Heat Capacity

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Orders Of Magnitude (specific Heat Capacity)
... This is a table of specific heat capacities by magnitude ... List of orders of magnitude for specific heat capacity Factor Value J·kg·K Item 94 ... Radon 120 Uranium 129 ... Gold 130 Iridium Osmium 139 Mercury 145 Iodine 158 Xenon 240 Caesium ...
Glossary Of Fuel Cell Terms - S - Specific Heat Capacity
... Specific heat capacity, also known simply as specific heat, is the measure of the heat energy required to increase the temperature of a unit quantity ...
Specific - Physical Natural Sciences and Engineering
... "Specific" generally means per unit of something (often mass), and signals a division of the subject quantity by a parametizing quantity that may or may not be named ... quantity is named, the name is usually placed before "specific" in the term (i.e ... thrust specific fuel consumption) ...
Thermodynamic Temperature - The Relationship of Temperature, Motions, Conduction, and Heat Energy - The Internal Motions of Molecules and Specific Heat
... There are other forms of heat energy besides the kinetic energy of translational motion ... Accordingly, as heat is removed from molecules, both their kinetic temperature (the kinetic energy of translational motion) and their internal temperature simultaneously ... causes substances to contain more heat energy at any given temperature and to absorb additional heat energy for a given temperature increase ...
Theory of Heat Capacity - Factors That Affect Specific Heat Capacity - Corollaries of These Considerations For Solids (volume-specific Heat Capacity)
... inverse correlation between a solid’s density and its specific heat capacity on a per-mass basis ... two factors (constancy of atomic volume and constancy of mole-specific heat capacity) result in a good correlation between the volume of any given solid chemical element and its total heat ... Another way of stating this, is that the volume-specific heat capacity (volumetric heat capacity) of solid elements is roughly a constant ...

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