Specific Heat

  • (noun): The heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance one degree centigrade.

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Choked Flow - Mass Flow Rate of A Gas At Choked Conditions - Choking in Change of Cross Section Flow
... absolute static downstream pressure is equal to or greater than k/(k−1), where k is the specific heat ratio of the gas (sometimes called the isentropic expansion factor ... area, m² k = cp/cv of the gas cp = specific heat of the gas at constant pressure cv = specific heat of the gas at constant volume = real gas (total) density at total ... they are using the gas law constant Rs which only applies to a specific individual gas ...
Simplified Models - Ideal and Perfect Gas Models
... It can also be written as where is the specific gas constant for a particular gas, in units J/(kg K), and ρ = m/V is density ... The ideal gas law does not make an assumption about the specific heat of a gas ... In the most general case, the specific heat is a function of both temperature and pressure ...
Glossary Of Fuel Cell Terms - S - Specific Heat Capacity
... Specific heat capacity, also known simply as specific heat, is the measure of the heat energy required to increase the temperature of a unit quantity ...
Schottky Anomaly
... The Schottky anomaly is an observed effect in solid state physics where the specific heat capacity of a solid at low temperature has a peak ... It is called anomalous because the heat capacity usually increases with temperature, or stays constant ... difference between the energy levels there is a broad peak in the specific heat corresponding to a large change in entropy for a small change in temperature ...
Einstein Solid - Historical Impact
... The heat capacity of solids as predicted by the empirical Dulong-Petit law was required by classical mechanics, the specific heat of solids should be independent of ... But experiments at low temperatures showed that the heat capacity changes, going to zero at absolute zero ... As the temperature goes up, the specific heat goes up until it approaches the Dulong and Petit prediction at high temperature ...

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