Special Operations Command

Special Operations Command may refer to any of these military or police organizations:

  • Special Operations Command (Australia)
  • Special Operations Command (Maldives) elite unit of Maldives Police
  • Special Operations Command (Malaysia)
  • Special Operations Command (Philippines)
  • Special Operations Command (Singapore)
  • United States Special Operations Command
  • United States Army Special Operations Command
  • United States Air Force Special Operations Command
  • United States Naval Special Warfare Command
  • United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
  • Joint Special Operations Command
  • Commandement des OpĂ©rations SpĂ©ciales of the French Armed Forces
  • Special Operations Command (Spain)
  • Colombian National Police Special Operations Command
  • Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Other articles related to "special operations command, command, special operations, operations, special, operation":

Stanley A. Mc Chrystal - General Officer - Commander, Joint Special Operations Command
... He commanded the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) for five years, serving first as Commanding General, Joint Special Operations Command, from September ... Central Command's forward headquarters in Qatar, and in Iraq ... In Iraq, he personally directed special operations, where his work there is viewed as "pivotal" ...
Charles R. Holland - Assignments
... aircraft commander, instructor pilot, and standardization and evaluation pilot, 16th Special Operations Squadron, Ubon Royal Thai AFB, Thailand ... AFB, Ohio January 1979 - May 1983, Chief, Space Shuttle Flight Operations Branch, later, Deputy Director for Policy Planning, later, Executive to the Commander, Space ... and Training Division, Directorate of Strategic, Special Operations Forces and Airlift, Military Deputy for Acquisition, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, D.C ...
List Of Former United States Special Operations Units - Other
39th Special Forces Detachment (1952-1984), in Berlin, Germany, a classified unit that conducted unconventional warfare during the cold war 6th Special ... Tiger team" active in the 1980s Task Force Ranger (Operation Gothic Serpent), joint Army/Navy task force deployed to Somalia between August and October 1993 Task Force 11 (Operation Enduring ... Marine Corps Special Operations Command Detachment One (MCSOCOM-Det 1) (Operation Iraqi Freedom), pilot project active from 19 June 2003 to 10 March 2006 to assess the establishment of a permanent U.S ...
Special Operations Command Korea
... Special Operations Command Korea (SOCKOR) is a United States military organization in South Korea that provides special operations forces to United States Forces Korea, the United Nations ... During wartime, SOCKOR combines with the Korean Special Warfare Command to form the Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force (CUWTF) ... at Camp Kim in Yongsan, Korea, is the Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) responsible for special operations on the Korean peninsula and, when established, the ...

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